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Welcome to the ShortHop developer guide and API reference. Our REST API along with guides and examples will allow you to easily integrate your client with our trusted and reliable digital asset exchange.

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Getting Started with ShortHop

Welcome to ShortHop. Our goal is to provide our users with a seamless way to access different trading venues from one single source, ensuring that our users are enabled to trade with the best prices available in the market. By using our RESTful APIs and WebSockets, you can take advantage of all of the features of our trading platform. Our comprehensive guides and documentation will help you start working with ShortHop as quickly as possible.

We recommend that you read the API documentation and familiarize yourself with the different API functions and calls so you can get the most out of the ShortHop API.

Getting Started

ShortHop provides a RESTful API utilizing JSON as the data interchange format. For details on the various endpoints and functionality, please refer to the API Reference.

The API host may be accessed at:

The API is currently in beta.

Updated 4 months ago

Welcome to ShortHop Docs

Getting Started with ShortHop

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